There might be times in school where you remember that your whole class had to line up in a single-file or double-file lines in order to go somewhere. This was something I remember having to do mostly in elementary school and lower. It was to help the teacher keep a better eye on the kids but also to make sure we knew where to go. The easiest thing to happen to kids at that age is to get distracted and that definitely happened many times. There was probably a time where you got distracted enough that all of a sudden the rest of your classmates are gone and you didn’t pay enough attention to where they were going. This situation is no different than what we tend to encounter everyday in this world. A bunch of people distracted or finding something else of importance to focus on rather than the way that they need to be going. The path we to need be on is narrow and it is difficult to stay on, especially since we live in a wide-open world. There is so much to see and look at that we can get distracted at the drop of a hat. When we get distracted, we lose sight of that end goal, which tends to make it seem that the end goal never mattered as much in the first place. Distraction cause us to become lost and to be lost means we are now in need of being found or saved. Some of us are in that saved state because we followed the Leader, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. For those of us that are lost, whether it be because we got distracted while being in the Way, or because you have not chosen to follow or to be a child of God altogether, I want you to know that following Jesus is as simple as following the Leader. Simple, however, does not always mean it is easy. It requires effort on your part to follow the Leader and to not get distracted and to do what He says. I hope you will join the line that is following Him every step of the Way.

-Mark Talbert-