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Seniors Ministry

Seniors Ministry
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Youth Group

Article- 4/26/20

The Potter and the Clay The work of a potter is to form or mold things from clay. Whether they [...]


With the effect of COVID-19 going around, all youth events through April have been canceled. Camp Areopogus has canceled summer [...]


Church Events             After updating the congregation of the new year and the events that are planned, it has created [...]

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“If Only I Had Remembered”

Remembering has always been an integral part of our relationship with the Lord. Forgetting God, in the sense of ignoring [...]

Precious Memory

Remembering is important. Can you imagine life without muscle-memory? What if we had to learn all over again each morning [...]

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Bible Class @ 9:30am
Worship @ 10:30am
Evening Worship @ 5:00pm (Except Last Sunday of Every Month @ 1:00pm)


Bible Class @ 7:00pm


Ladies’ Class @ 10:00am

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The Greenbrier church of Christ is an independent, self-governing body of Christians who are committed to following the Bible as our only source of religious authority as we seek to restore the pattern of New Testament Christianity in the twenty-first century. Simply put, our mission is

“to seek and save the lost”
(Luke 19:10)

We believe that you will find us to be a warm and friendly congregation of God’s people who truly care about serving God and others. You are invited to be our guest as we worship and serve the Lord together.