Our worship services are simple and biblical. Our primary objective is to honor God by worshiping Him as He has directed us in His word.

Bible Classes

We offer Bible classes for all ages each Sunday morning and Wednesday evening. We strive to instill within each student a love for God and an appreciation as our source of spiritual guidance for daily life.

Care Groups

We provide a monthly opportunity for fellowship in a small group environment outside our regularly scheduled services. Getting to know one another in this way builds trust and unity in the congregation.

Family Ministry

We are committed to strengthen our families by providing periodic classes and programs designed to help marriages and improve family-life.

Ladies’ Class

Our ladies meet for Bible Study on Thursday mornings. From time to time, they also meet on Wednesday evenings for a special series of studies.


We enjoy special activities and retreats that provide opportunities for spiritual growth and fellowship for members and their guests. Our Ladies’ Retreat in the Fall has become a highly-anticipated event.

Youth Program

Our youth program offers a wide variety of opportunities to encourage spiritual growth. Through participation in activities, young people are encouraged to develop their faith in ways that put to use their individual talents. The youth are involved in service projects, camps, retreats, devotionals and activities with youth groups in the surrounding area. We provide many opportunities for Christian fellowship.

Food Pantry

We help many families in our community through our Food Pantry. From time to time, we have also adopted families in need so as to provide assistance and encouragement.

Local Outreach

We offer free home Bible studies and correspondence courses to anyone interested in furthering their knowledge of God’s word. We engage in gospel meetings, seminars, and an area-wide Gospel Crusade.

Foreign Missions

World missions are important to us. In addition to various short- term commitments, we help support mission work in Ghana, Thailand, China, Romania, and Spanish work in Central America. Through the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver and its extension school, we are also involved in mission work in many others places, stateside and abroad.