As we are all aware, the virus caused a lot of planned events to either be canceled or put om hold. While there are other things we have been able to do in the meantime, people have missed out on school, sports, hanging with friends, going places; we have missed out more so on church related events. It is a bummer when we have to cancel events, but it is a relief when we can do things that help bring us together in times we need it most. Probably one of the biggest blows the kids took this year was the cancellation of summer/church camps. This was always a great time for a lot of people and it is saddening that this is something that suffered in result of the virus. However, there is a great coming up this week for all ages that I’m excited to make known to all of you. Camp Areopagus is hosting an event called “Three Nights Under the Stars” this week, June 22-24, starting at 7pm each night. It is not just for kids/youth. This is for anyone whop would like to come out and join. We will begin with a worship service each night and have an activity each night afterward. It will definitely be a great time for the kids, but it will be a good time for Christians to be around one another as well. It is requested that you bring lawn chairs or blankets and honor the six-foot rule between families. If you really think about it, six feet is not that far apart and it is definitely close enough to be able to still have fun with others around you. I hope everyone will make an attempt to come to this at least one of the nights. It’s always wonderful to share good news and it is a blessing that we are going to have an event like this coming up this week.

-Mark Talbert-